Joe joined ANF in 1984 and has since worked on projects ranging from corporate headquarters to medical facilities to churches.

He is intrigued by the latest high-tech gadgets and is a believer in technology, but also acknowledges it can be a thorn in the side at times.  Joe understands that technology enhances the design process, but that design concepts begin with an idea and a pencil.  He believes that a good architect is one who listens well and collaborates, asks questions, understands the problem(s), and comes up with a good solution(s) - quickly and within budget.  

If Joe is not working, walking, or biking he might be reading, sketching, or painting. Plein air oil painting is his favorite because it forces you to really see what you a looking at and to make quick design decisions.

Joe learned to call the hogs in the early 80's while a student at the University of Arkansas School of Architecture (now called the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design).  That is also where he first walked into a Fay Jones house and a little chapel called Thorncrown; he was amazed. This is where he really started to see how design can change people and enhance their lives.